Blogs That Bloggers Love: Emme Chatterton’s Top 5 Favorite Blog Picks

Blogs That Bloggers Love: Emme Chatterton’s Top 5 Favorite Blog Picks

Emme Chatterton’s Top Five Favorite Blogs


I love reading blogs, I’ve talked about it time and again. I immerse myself in them like books, you can read all about it here.  If you’re convinced about the wonders of reading blogs or just looking to dip your toes into a new literary genre, let me share with you my top five favorite blogs for your viewing pleasure.



My 5 Favorite Blogs to Read


Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond


The Pioneer Woman needs no introduction, unless you are completely foreign to the land of blogging.  She is funny, she is brilliant, she brings out the best in others, and she laughs about life’s foibles.  One of the first and finest women writers of the internet, Ree Drummond has taken the world by storm with her charming, down to earth posts about rustic ranch life in the Oklahoma countryside.  



The Pioneer Woman has published several cookbooks, fictional novels, and children’s book since her meteoric rise to fame in the past several years.   Ree is devoted wife to handsome cowboy Malboro Man, homeschooling mother to four kids, comfort food extraordinaire with her own cooking empire on Food Network, designer of home goods and cookware sold internationally, and owner of a newly restored antique Mercantile store that has become a tourist destination overnight.  



Ree is also my friend, an unimaginably gracious and delightful hostess who opens her home and heart to strangers on the sole whim that the internet is full of good people.  I’ve been following her since the beginning, won the chance to meet her in person, and cherish forever the times I’ve spent with her through her enchanting and immersive tales of daily life as a ranch wife.  She has spent her life lifting up others, celebrating the simple joys of motherhood, and being a girl who can get dirty and love fancy at the same time. 

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Caroline Berg Eriksen


Caroline Berg Eriksen is a journalist and designer who holds the title for most popular Norwegian blogger in the categories of fashion and lifestyle several years running.  Formerly known as the Fotballfrue, or Footballer’s Wife, she is married to a famous soccer star Lars-Kristian Eriksen in Norway.  Caroline’s blog began as a fun and fashionable chronicle of a carefree student and model pursuing a degree in law and journalism while dating a famous sports star in her beautiful Scandinavian country.  



Growing with her style, career, and family life, Caroline’s blog has blossomed into a destination of elegant, beautiful lifestyle which includes event and celebration planning, delicious recipes, incredible fitness tips and recommendations, fashion and style picks, travel adventures, fashion shoots, outfits of the day, and a daily personal lifestyle journal.  Evolving into space for bridal and wedding resources once boyfriend Eriksen romantically proposed to her, Caroline’s style and writing is never stagnant.  



From launching and closing her own retail shop, to designing her first fashion lines, to appearing on Dancing With the Stars and vacationing around the world, Caroline’s life and blog are never boring and always beautiful.  With the birth of her two daughters, the blog has also shifted to include motherhood and the timeless moments of family life.  Her images, home, family, and style are impeccably and ethereally beautiful, and a quick installation of the Google translate bar will bring her words to life in English.   It is worth the effort, her blog is one of the best on the internet.


Pink Peonies, Rachel Parcell


Utah native Rachel Parcell writes a beautiful fashion and lifestyle blog entitled Pink Peonies.  Taking the young motherhood and LDS crowd by storm, Rachel is a blogger who loves Nordstrom, fashion week, mountain style elegance, and the charm of a Salt Lake city blessed life.  

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The photography featured on Pink Peonies is stunning and flawlessly professional, the advertorials and sponsored posts read like a lifestyle magazine, and if there is a feeling of detachment it only fuels the aspirational nature of her brand.  This is the blog to read if you want to see images and stories about a perfect, charmed, happy life filled with traditional values, modest fashion, upper class living, and girlish glamour.  



The almost perfect Rachel Parcell does sometime show the annoying side of life, like being exhausted with a newborn or having your dog make a mess, but it is always presented in an inspiring way.  This blog may give you a pang of jealousy, but remember it is a heavily curated and professionally produced brand with several employees and contractors.  That said, Pink Peonies is one of the superstar blogs that is a joy to read from the beginning and a delight to scroll through casually whenever you have a moment.



Classy Girls Wear Pearls, Sarah Vickers


Classy Girls Wear Pearls founder Sarah Vickers admits she cringes at the name, chosen over a decade ago when she began her blogging journey.  Inspired by classic vintage fashion and aspirational Americana, the Jacqueline Kennedy lookalike is a New England native from Rhode Island and an all-American icon in the making. Sarah Vickers and her husband, designer Kiel James Patrick, play out a preppy New Camelot fantasy on their blogs, Tumblr, and Instagram, and their aesthetic is fire.  



Collectively the KJP clan number among the highest Instagram engagement and blog audience ranked accounts out there, due to their magazine-quality photo shoots, quirky puns and cute quotes, and timeless style.  Kiel and Sarah also run KJP where they sell accessories and clothing they hand-make in their Providence workshop.  



Sarah Vickers and Kiel also promote and host a summer camp experience for adventurous adults and head a crew of models and social media interns that look like a Brooks Brothers audition.  You must check out the blog for their latest photo shoots from amazing destinations, gorgeous American fashion and photography, and a classic yet approachable style that is heartfelt, commercial, and nostalgic all at once. 

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Negin Mirsalehi


Negin Mirsalehi is a bee-keepers daughter and a fashion model that Instagram can’t get enough of. The perfectly coiffed Dutch blogger who is 27 started her blog after completing her master’s degree.  “I didn’t want to find an average job at an office or something,” Negin said of her decision to blog as a vocation. 



Mirsalehi’s choice to become a blogger paid off big time.  Negin now has 3 million Instagram followers and blog that is beautiful and binge-worthy, not to mention a newly launched YouTube channel full of professional quality vlogs worth watching.  She is also disarmingly sweet, down to earth, honest, funny, and approachable while still maintaining an aura of unattainable beauty.  



Negin attracts lucrative sponsorships from high fashion brands and has crossed over into modeling and walked the catwalk at Fashion Week.  This means she’s always travelling, wearing stunning clothing, and writing about it all.  Her adventures are a delight and a thrill to follow, and I recommend you give her a read if you like fashion, travel, or just beautiful inspiring lifestyles.


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