Do You Remember Venice?

Do You Remember Venice?

Do you remember Venice?

I’ll always remember Venice.




Everything about that place was foreign and so magical.



Old magic, steps worn by the feet of the countless souls that passed before.


The bright sun reflecting of the choppy waters, hidden doorways smothered in darkness, exhaling the ethereal vapors of the past.


Bright baubles and jewels beckoning one to enter tiny shops filled with multicolored delights, the aroma of baking gastronomic delights.

Art, and the beautiful galleries of masterpieces and humble works side by side like comfortable old friends.  I love to stroll through little shops and inlets of beauty, picking up a memento or souvenir for my darling grand daughter.



One day, I will tell you about Carnivale… but that is for another day!  I must prepare for my trip to Paris.



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