Delicious Mauritius! Travel Vlogs to the Paradise Island That Will Make You Book a Holiday Vacation

Delicious Mauritius!  Travel Vlogs to the Paradise Island That Will Make You Book a Holiday Vacation

Delicious Mauritus Island Travel Vlogs


Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island lined with sandy beaches, palm trees, and endless scenic views. It’s a luxury escape for the rich or travel savvy and the perfect spot to book for your next holiday vacation. Come explore the wonders of the island through Youtube and some of the most famous vloggers who travel to the paradise destination and take you along for the experience.



Laila Loves from Meet the Vloggers


Meet the Vloggers star and blogger Laila Loves went on a trip to the island of Mauritius and recorded the adventure in a series of blogs. One interesting thing to note is that she went all by herself on the trip, so it’s of interest to other girls and women who are thinking of locations to travel to solo that are safe and fun on your own.


Day 1: Jet Lag in Mauritius


Laila captured every day of her trip in a fun adventure vlog below.  You can view on YouTube or right here on Paper Duchesses through the handy video player below.  Simply click play and get ready for your exotic island vacation to begin!



Day 2: Mosquitos Abound


Laila explores the island of Mauritius for a second day as a solo female traveler, and while it is beautiful there is one drawback: mosquitoes! Make sure you’re prepared with proper repellent if you plan a holiday here.



Day 3: Food & Friends on the Beach


The third installment of Laila’s trip involves delicious food including ‘The Best Ice Cream Ever’.  If you want to get cute bikinis or swim costumes like Laila and her friends, we have rounded up the cutest swimwear and bathing suit styles for vacation and this summer over on our Swim Guide.

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Day 4: Swimming With Dolphins


Come along as Laila goes swimming with dolphins in Mauritius in the next video of her holiday vacation!  As a master of the luxury travel experience, of course Laila Loves would choose to swim with a dolphin on her exotic solo adventure!



Day 5: Snorkle in Blue Island Waters

Watch the fifth installment of Laila’s delicious Mauritus vacation below!  The intrepid girl vlogger goes Under the Sea in the latest episode of her travel vlog.  Get inspired to snorkel or slay on the beach in our Summer Swimwear Guide if you’re heading to a holiday of your own.




What Do You Think?


Where are you planning to spend your next vacation… are you considering Mauritius now that you’ve seen how beautiful it is?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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