Discover How Dita Von Teese *Really* Applies Her Famous Red Lips & Steal Her Secrets!

Discover How Dita Von Teese *Really* Applies Her Famous Red Lips & Steal Her Secrets!

Steal Dita Von Teese’s Famous Red Lips!


Discover the lipstick secrets of the glamorous Dita Von Teese, legendary burlesque dancer and vintage style evangelist.  In the video below, Dita walks us through her unstoppable formula for the perfect red-lipped pout.  Starting with a bare lip, Dita shows us each step to the glamorous red statement lips that are her signature.  Keep reading, because we list all the products you’ll need to create this look for yourself!



Your Lip Liner Defines You, Make It Count


Having a quality lip liner is a crucial first step to long-lasting, vibrant lips.  In the video above, Dita recommends the classic staple MAC lipliner in Cherry.  This shade has been around for a long time and had a creamy, long-wearing formula.  To get those perfect lips, Dita recommends steadying your hand with your pinky, applying slowly and carefully, and filling in the entire lip with liner, not just the edges.



Shades of Red That Change Your Whole Look


For Dita’s first ‘hot pink’ red lip she chose a Rouge Pur Couture from Yves Saint Laurent which she layered over her lip liner.  She describes the packaging as luxurious gold and says she enjoys a touch of luxury in her products, even though they come with a higher price tag.  You can purchase these lipsticks for less than $40 on Amazon.




The second lipstick Dita von Teese showcases is from the famous brand MAC which she has collaborated with in the past.  MAC has several dramatic red shades both creamy and matte formulations. Russian Red, Red Satin, and the matte Ruby Woo are all extremely popular shades used worldwide.

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What Do You Think?


Dita von Teese is famous for her vintage pin-up style and her glamorous burlesque stage shows, not to mention her classic make-up.  What do you think of bold red lips as a fashion statement?  Do you love a vibrant, highly-pigmented lip or is the style too glamorous for your every day?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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