I Dance Like No One’s Watching to These Hot Pia Mia Music Videos!

I Dance Like No One’s Watching to These Hot Pia Mia Music Videos!

Obsessed with Pia Mia’s Music Videos


I dance like no one is watching to Pia Mia’s music videos because they are lit.  I love to dance, but I am picky when it comes to my music videos.  I need a song that’s got a sick beat, lyrics I can belt out, and drop dead gorgeous eye candy the whole way through.  Pia Mia hits every note, literally and figuratively, so I’ve rounded up her best dance videos for you to love too.


Do It Again


Probably my favorite song right now to dance to by Pia Mia is ‘Do it Again’.  It’s a mega hit with collaborators like Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga and is set on a gorgeous beach.  I always Do It Again when it comes to hitting the replay button on this video, usually 3 or more times in a row.  I’m in love with the dance beats and the lyrics too.  The moves are hot, the outfits are on point and Pia Mia is absolutely flawless.  Chris Brown makes an appearance as a banana, even.






I can’t really decide between my favorites, but Touch is one of the videos and songs I love from Pia Mia.  She slays in these shots.   I love the dancing and the whole vibe of the video brings me right back to living in a hot city, carefree and caring only about who I was crushing on and how fit I was.



Mr. President


Pia Mia came out with another great choreography set in Mr. President, and it’s a killer song to move to anyway.  If you want a challenge though, try to replicate her moves!  She takes on the Marilyn Monroe vibe, seducing her captive lover like the blonde bombshell movie star seduced President Kennedy… but without the man stealing factor.

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Red Love


Red Love is more of a ballad but she really gets to rocking out when it comes to being betrayed by her first lover.  I think many of us can relate to the feelings of naivite and shame at being taken advantage of – of giving our trust and love to someone who only wanted something transient and immaterial like loveless sex instead.  I feel this song deeply.



What Do You Think?


Are you feeling Pia Mia and her sound as much as I am?  Who are you dancing to at the moment, and who is your current music crush?  Tell me in the comments below so I can check them out!

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