Darker Dresses from Needle & Thread are Sparkling, Seductive, and Sophisticated

Darker Dresses from Needle & Thread are Sparkling, Seductive, and Sophisticated

Dark Dresses That Sparkle Seductively


Needle & Thread is one of the hottest fashion brands this season, taking off with their intricate, feminine designs in delightful pastel shades.  The line also includes some deeper, darker numbers as well.  These dresses take your look from sweetly feminine to sensual shimmer and are perfect for a date night or special event.

Whether or not you’re already a fan of Needle & Thread dresses, you’ll be tantalized by their chic black shimmer and dark designs. While the design house is better known for their wedding wear and breathtaking ladylike dresses, the darker selections are just as finely crafted.


The Little Black Dress With Lavish Details


Stunning black dresses from Needle & Thread glitter with every movement.  Sumptuous fabrics are embroidered with fantastical floral creations and whimsical designs hand-stitched in India.





Elegant Eggplant, Purple, & Lavender Gowns


Black may be a time-honored favorite dark dress, but as Needle & Thread demonstrates, it is not everything.  Deep shades of elegant eggplant, purple, violet, wine and puce can carry a dress into evening wear and formal occasions.  





Twinkling touches of glittering beading, sparkling sequins, and delicate embroidery add couture quality to these deeper colored pieces.  Highlighting the richness of the fabric with a mix of materials gives Needle & Thread a sophisticated high-fashion vibe.


Elegant Embroidery on Darker Dresses


Just because the fabric of your dress is dark, doesn’t mean your look has to be dismal.  Brighten up dark dresses and black gowns with eye-catching florals in rendered in exquisite embroidery.

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Black Dresses are Enchanting With a Little Sparkle


Take your Little Black Dress to the next level with shimmer and sparkle.  Metallic threading and glittering beads are some of the details Needle & Thread employs to make their dresses really shine.



Needle & Thread Slays Pinks & Pastels Too


If you love the enchanting style of Needle & Thread but find yourself drawn to pastels, you’re in luck.  In addition to these gorgeous dark dresses, the brand produces breathtaking pink and lilac gowns, and even a range of white options for the blushing bride.  We have an entire guide on the pretty pink dress that is all over Instagram and celebrities that you should check out if lighter colors delight you.





What Do You Think?


Which of these gorgeous Needle & Thread dresses is your favorite?  If you could choose, would you prefer a darling dark dress, or a more pretty pastel gown?  Do you have any special occasions coming up that you need a gorgeous gown for?  Tell me in the comments below!

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