Clairvoyeurism is Back…

Clairvoyeurism is Back…

Announcing a sneak peak of Clairvoyeurism : The Novel


If you’re hungry for more of the unshakable paranormal investigator Clair Voy, whose adventures were chronicled in Emme Chatterton’s The Blogger Wore Pearls, today is your day!


Check out the book links at the very top of the Paper Duchesses website and you will now find a section devoted to Clairvoyeurism with an extended sneak peek into the events that preceded her paranormal experiences and shaped her into the level-headed detective who is an often unwilling participant in supernatural occurrences.  You can start reading the origin story of your favorite ‘Psychic Skeptic’ – with updates coming soon and the full book available next year.


With this update and new website launch, there will no longer be previews or chapters available at Wattpad or other fiction sites, so if you have them bookmarked, be sure to update your links!  Stay tuned for more teasers and further information on the continuing saga of Clairvoyeurism…





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