How to Glam Up Your Photos For Social Media Success in 5 Minutes for Free with Canva * Blog Finishing School

How to Glam Up Your Photos For Social Media Success in 5 Minutes for Free with Canva * Blog Finishing School

Glam Up Your Photos For Social Media Success


Success on Social Media depends on the quality of your content and the appeal of your visuals.  If you aren’t a professional graphic designer and photographer, there is now a free solution that bloggers everywhere are obsessed with, and I’m going to share the secret with you.  It’s an app called Canva, and it lets you create stunning professional graphics and social media formatted posts in minutes.  


All of the graphics in this post were made in Canva!



From Instagram Bland to Pinterest Perfect!


Here is an example of an Instagram image that needed some sprucing up before blossoming into a perfect Pinterest pin.  With a quick drag-and-drop into Canva, I popped it into a pretty pink template.  I changed the words to reflect the delicious Vegan Glam Burger recipe I was promoting, and that’s it!  Now it’s ready for pinning and posting.  Much more Pinterest perfect than before!




Canva Is Completely Free With Paid Upgrades


The best part?  Canva is completely free to use, with the option to buy premium content upgrades that you can easily do without.  All you have to do is sign up, which you can do through your facebook account or email.  Now there is no more excuse to have unappealing Pinterest pins, lame photo tweets that don’t display properly, and facebook banners that fit funny!  


Templates for Every Social Media Network


Canva has templates for every type of social media network in exactly the right size so you can’t mess it up.  They also offer tons of fun infographics, design elements, website and mailing list graphics, and even a blank slate to create whatever you can imagine.  The Canva app is intuitive, so you can create something stunning very quickly, leveraging designs already created by professionals.

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Gorgeous Graphics in Minutes with Canva


Canva is so simple to use that I created my second Pinterest image in one minute flat.  Once you browse the platform and get to know all the options and styles you like, you can create pro images in minutes.  If you don’t need to use your own image, or simply want a pin that is a pre-made graphic or text-only, there are lots of options for that too!  Don’t forget about stock images, which is what I used for this Pin about my favorite blogs to read.



How to Make Professional Pinterest Pins


You can quickly and easily create professional level Pinterest pins with Canva.  Simply select one of their gorgeous premade designs, change the text, and save!  It really  is that easy – you don’t even have to add an image.  Canva offers tons of free graphics and photographs, so you never have to use your own images again.   Paid options for all of the elements in Canva do exist, for a modest fee you can buy a graphic and use it time and again.


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What Do You Think?


Have you ever tried Canva, or are you going to now?  What are your favorite blogging secrets?  Share them with us in the comments below!

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