Bodies of Work: Volume 5 Showcases Stunning Human Physique and Artful Bodybuilding Images

Bodies of Work: Volume 5 Showcases Stunning Human Physique and Artful Bodybuilding Images


Bodies of Work: Epic Figure Gallery has released it’s fifth edition of Bodies of Work, a photography exhibition that stuns with the physique modeling of professional athletes and bodybuilders.



Produced by Creative Director Brian Kahn with Photography by LHGFX, the high-key strobe lit gallery showcases the human form at its absolute fittest amidst a galaxy of luminous water drops.



The gallery features male and female fitness experts and well-known names from the bodybuilding and competition side of the industry.



Each of the models has posed fully nude to display the beauty and prowess of the human form at it’s finest and fittest.



The collection is designed to inspire fitness and body transformations in the viewer by showing them beautiful yet attainable human bodies at work. offers guidance, advice, video personal training, personalized meal plans and accountability tracking, and is also a community and a storefront for a line of carefully selected products.



The fitness website uses these high-impact visual projects as a way to encourage viewers to create the best version of themselves through training and fitness.



The annual Bodies of Work gallery is a celebration of the physical payoff of hard work.  It features a jaw-dropping collection of outstanding physique photos that showcase dedication and passion in the pursuit of health and form.



14 elite athletes posed for the spread which totals in at  61 jaw-dropping photos. Bodies of Work highlights the beauty, power, and potential of the human body.

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The exhibition has attracted some controversy in the past for featuring fitness professionals completely unclothed.  However, the creators and have made a forceful statement by continuing to create these stunning galleries.



Each of the athletes, instructors, models, and trainers featured in the gallery are at peak physical fitness and have made contributions to the industry, information about each one can be found in the gallery along with several images of each model in a variety of striking poses.



The information on all of the models as well as links to their social media accounts and websites can be found on the official gallery along with information on the creative forces behind the project. If you would like to learn more and see the full gallery of these amazing artistic images, you can find them at the Bodies of Work : Gallery 5.



If you’ve been inspired to start your own fitness journey, you can get advice from these experts and more with some of the fantastic publications that and its athletes have put out.  Having an amazing, incredible body like this is not only possible, but it is easier than you think and these books show you how, no matter what shape you’re in now, if you’re a man or a woman.  We highly recommend and own the following three books:




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Leave a comment below and tell us which of the athletes and images are your favorite, and whether or not you’re inspired to start working out!

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