Cheeky Panties in the Mail! Should You Buy the BootayBag Monthly Underwear & Thong Subscription Box?

Cheeky Panties in the Mail!  Should You Buy the BootayBag Monthly Underwear & Thong Subscription Box?

Panties in the Mail Every Month from BootayBag


Hello lovelies! I filmed this review a few months ago about a subscription ‘box’ that brings you panties. Bootaybag is a monthly subscription underwear service that sends you two pairs of panties for $12, and you can opt-in to add a bralette now too. You can choose between two pairs of thongs, two pairs of cheeky full-backs, or the ‘Mixed Bag’ which is one pair of each.


The price of shipping is included, there are no hidden fees, and it’s not a scam.  Bootaybag reached out to me on Instagram and I thought it was a weird but interesting idea, so I agreed to give them my details. The bag came in a sealed plastic outer bag, and inside was this adorable brown paper bag with a sticker that said,


“Hello Babe, I’m Here!”

xoxo Bootaybag



Super cute. I really liked the whole experience and I found the price extremely reasonable. There are lots of other girls on Instagram who love this service too, you can do a quick search of #bootaybag or #undermatters and see a lot of satisfied customers.



There are lots of beautiful examples of their different monthly offerings all over Instagram. Simply surf the tags #Bootaybag or #Undermatters to see a huge array of happy customers and pretty panties.

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As you can see in the video, I was pretty surprised that both pairs of panties, the cheeky and the thong, were good quality, soft, and really pretty! The sizing does RUN SMALL slightly, so I would suggest sizing up if you like a little more stretch to your knickers.


In addition to starting a fun service for ladies, Bootaybag also donate to fund melanoma research, using the hashtag #undermatters on Instagram. It’s a great way to do a little bit to help stop the spread of malicious skin cancer and educate people on how to stay safe in the sun.




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They sent me a free monthly bag as a gift, and because I loved the whole thing, I decided to do a quick video to spread the fun to YouTube! I’m not an affiliate, I don’t get a commission, and I wasn’t sponsored for this post, I just want to highlight a woman-led online small business that highlights what you can do when you bring your dreams to social media.



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I found scrolling through social media that there have been so many cute styles, and that’s half the fun! You never know what colors or trendy designs will appear in your mailbox each month… which makes it feel even more like a gift.



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If you know of any other great small shops that offer good deals on good products and services, shout them out in the comments below, and let me know if you’ve tried BootayBag too!



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