Delicious Winter Night Hot Chocolate Recipes that Are Cozy and Posh

Delicious Winter Night Hot Chocolate Recipes that Are Cozy and Posh

Celebrate Bonfire Night with Cozy Hot Chocolate


Bonfire Night is the celebration in England that takes place on the night of Guy Fawkes Day, to pay homage to the survival of King James I in spite of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament.  It takes place on the 5th of November, and is marked by public or private parties involving bonfires, the marching and burning of effigies, and firework displays. 


It is also the perfect night for some indulgent hot chocolate recipes.



Turn Bonfire Night into an Excuse for a Harvest Party


In America and abroad some places also celebrate this tradition, but in more of a celebration of autumn and the harvest than in its original purpose.  It makes an excellent excuse to gather with friends, prepare cozy treats and warm seasonal specialties, and enjoy a beautiful outdoor fire in the autumn chill.


To hold a Bonfire Night celebration, remember it will be cold so ask guests to dress warmly, and be sure to have ample space for a bonfire.  Be sure to stock up on sparklers and other fireworks, as well as try building your own effigy to burn in celebration, or just make the more American-inspired scarecrow.



How to Make Posh Bonfire Night Cocoa


The best part of a Bonfire Night is the camaraderie and the cozy, traditional snacks that transport you back to crisp autumn celebrations from your youth.  Here are a few ideas to put you in the spirit and warm you up on a chilly November night as you gather to watch the bonfire glow.

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Salted Caramel Rum Hot Cocoa:

This easy cocktail recipe is simple to make, simply add a spoonful of luxurious dulche de leche caramel to your favorite rich dark hot cocoa.  Then, sprinkle some flaky sea salt, or garnish with a whipped topping and chocolate shavings.

You can buy the liquidy dulche de leche in a jar, or simply melt some caramels, adding a bit of milk to thin it out before pouring it into the cocoa.

For convenience, you can make an entire chafer urn full of hot cocoa at a time, and keep it outside for quick and easy refills.  It will be chilly enough to keep some whipped topping nearby too.

Minty Midnight Hot Cocoa:

In this variation of a classic hot cocoa recipe, you simply add a dash of creme de menthe or mint liqueur for a dark chocolate kicked with minty freshness, giving a hint of the holiday season to come.




For a little more fun, you can crumble up chocolate Andes mints onto the top of whipped topping crowning the drink, or you could sprinkle with chocolate peppermint chips found in the candy aisle.


Cookie Crumble Craving Cocoa:


Prepare hot cocoa normally but add a dash of vanilla syrup. Garnish with whipped cream covered with crumbled chocolate chip cookies.  For even more fun, add a cookie with a wedge cut out onto the side of the glass, guests will love the extra treat.



What Do You Think?


How will you be celebrating Bonfire Night this year?  Which of these delicious hot chocolate recipes are you most tempted to try… tell us in the comments below!

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