Zoella’s Delicious Biscoff Cookie Butter Cake And Other Fabulous Recipes for Nut-Free, Vegan Dessert Lovers

Zoella’s Delicious Biscoff Cookie Butter Cake And Other Fabulous Recipes for Nut-Free, Vegan Dessert Lovers

Zoella’s Famous Biscoff Cookie Cake 


Biscoff is Vegan and Nut-Free and an amazing alternative to Nutella or chocolate peanut butters.  It’s amazing ingredient in a variety of delicious recipes, all of which can be made vegan because the star ingredient – Biscoff cookie butter – is vegan! 


Read on to find all about the first time blogger Emme Chatterton discovered Biscoff was plant-based, and then onto an amazing cookie butter cake recipe from Youtube vlogger Zoella.  We’ve featured lots of delicious recipes and also included links to buy Biscoff products from anywhere in the world so you can start baking too.


Butter-Loving Food Writer Goes Vegan


Blogger Emme Chatterton discovered that legendary Biscoff cookie butter spread is VEGAN and cried during an emotional scene that took place in a grocery store.  Recounting the experience in a short informational YouTube video, Emme wanted the rest of the world to know about Biscoff too, and that fellow plant-based diet followers and vegan food lovers can indulge in the luxuriously sweet spread.



It may seem like a little thing to the average person, but to someone with food intolerances or allergies, or even someone who is health conscious, on a strict diet, or insists on a plant-based vegan lifestyle will understand.  It’s not always easy to choose vegan.



The former butter-obsessed gourmet food writer went vegan last year due to health reasons, and quickly found herself unable to enjoy many of her favorite foods.  Emme Chatterton, who also happens to be my editor at PaperDuchesses.com, had to carefully read every label looking for assurance a food is free of all meat, dairy, eggs, and animal by-products.  When she read Biscoff’s, she discovered the ‘V for Vegan’!

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Indulge in Creamy, Luxurious Cookie Butter


Biscoff, made in Belgium, is one of the few products that is vegan but tastes like it’s not.  They have a range of cookies and spreads that you can click below to buy from Amazon!


When Emme Chatterton discovered Biscoff, the tasty little tea cookies often provided on airline flights to Europe, was VEGAN, she had to let everyone else know too.  You can make all kinds of treats with Biscoff, and if you order from Amazon you have access to varieties usually only found in Europe or specialty stores.







Biscoff, the delicious cookie butter from Europe made out of crunchy wafers, can be compared to a vanilla version of Nutella and is just as addictive.  You can buy it in almost any supermarket near the peanut butters, or in the specialty and import section.    Once you have your Biscoff, you can eat it by the spoonful or you can make a delicious gourmet vegan dessert like the following ‘Vegan Biscoff Cookie Butter Cake’ by Zoella on Youtube.


Zoella’s Recipe for Cookie Butter Cake


Zoella is a lifestyle guru and daily vlogger who now designs her own line of home wares and beauty products, and has lately shared her amazing recipe for a stunning Biscoff cookie cake.  This stunning triple-layer cake is sure to impress all of your guests, and is Zoella and friends approved!  The vlog below has been set to begin right at the recipe, but you can always rewind to watch the full vlog.

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You can also purchase it in online and have it shipped directly to you anywhere in the world.  This is a welcome change, as Biscoff and all of it’s different varieties were very hard to find in the United States. There is also a specialty Biscoff Cookie Spread Cookbook full of irresistible and tempting recipes, check it out below.



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