Beyonce Announces Newborn Twins on Instagram Amid Portrait Art Criticism & Reveals Names for the First Time

Beyonce Announces Newborn Twins on Instagram Amid Portrait Art Criticism & Reveals Names for the First Time

Beyonce Holds Newborn Twins in Instagram Birth Announcement


Beyonce had delighted the world again with a beautiful birth announcement celebrating the arrival of her newborn twins.  The photographic announcement was posted to Instagram and presented the tiny babies nestled cozily in their mother’s embrace.  Early in the year the Carter’s pregnancy portraits dominated the news cycle, so a larger release may be forthcoming.  Beyonce wore a flowing open gown in the shades of the sea, and an elaborate flowering arrangement blossoms behind the figures.


Names of the Baby Carter Twins Finally Revealed


In a caption that accompanied the birth announcement for the twins, Beyonce also revealed their names.  Sir Carter, the son, has been obviously named after his father, and Rumi, the daughter, is named for an eloquent 13th century Persian poet that Beyonce has often quoted.  Both names, along with older daughter Blue Ivy, have been trademarked for use in business.  This suggests that they will become entrepreneurs at a very young age, along with their big sister Blue.



Beyonce is seen in the portait wearing a beautiful flowing Palomo Spain robe which opens to expose her navel and toned legs.  She stands before an abundantly flowering topiary in a luxurious garden that is overlooking the sea.  Carefully snuggled in their mother’s strong embrace are Sir Carter and Rumi, sleeping like two raven-haired baby angels.


‘Nouveau Romantic’ Portait Style Met with Criticism


The style of portrait which I refer to as ‘Nouveau Romantic’ has been met with praise and criticism.  The opulent styling, expensive floral arrangements and fabrics are seemingly incongruent in their lavish frivolity with a stark, unforgiving modern photographic style, asymmetrical details, and visually noisy composition.  Those familiar with Art Nouveau will recognize many elements from this style, as well as from traditional global artistic traditions including Egyptian portaiture, Mesopotamian fertility art, Sub-Saharan African symbology, and Biblical paintings alluding to the Madonna.

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Beyonce Portrait Art Criticism Now and Then


The previous portraits Beyonce announced her pregnancy with were of the same Nouveau Romantic style, and met with similar critiques.  The portraits have been criticized for both being too lavish, and alternately, too tacky, too intimate, and not extravagent enough.  The fact that the backdrop can be seen, that the edges of the ‘production’ are visible, is inherently galling to a lot of art consumers and critics.  I think though, it’s a beautiful style that preserves all that is great about luxury portraiture while giving the viewer the reality of everyday life at the same time.



A Unique Style That Marries Lavish Luxury and Stark Reality


The truth is, the fiction of posed photography contrasts with the reality of life.  Even if it is beautiful, it isn’t perfect because it isn’t real.  These Nouveau Romantic portraits have a modern realist twist though, they show the smoke and mirrors, they expose the illusions behind the perfection.   The beauty, the opulence, the love and desire to pull out all the stops to celebrate such a wonderful moment – all that remains, within the heart of these portaits.  The perspective of time and place is therefore solidly established and becomes an important actor in the story the portraits tell.



Beyonce is Creating a Portrait Industry Renaissance


I would like to suggest the portrait artist and Beyonce have taken the care and effort to make these elements just so.  They successfully translate the Art Nouveau style into photography and infuse it with Romantic qualities, which in art terms mean it is meant to elicit an emotional response from the viewer or inspire the imagination.  The floral arrangements, hair and makeup, posing, setting, lighting, and every other non-obvious element has been carefully manipulated into a technically expert photograph, suggesting the artist is extremely skilled and likely has a strong vision.

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Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. 🙏🏽❤️👨🏽👩🏽👧🏽👶🏾👶🏾

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What Do You Think?


Do you love Beyonce’s announcement and the nouveau Romantic style of portrait she has chosen to mark the moment?  What do you think of the modern custom of announcing births and important occasions on Instagram instead of magazines or newspapers?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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