A Peek Inside Top Norwegian Blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen’s Minimalist Diaper Bag & Scandinavian Style

A Peek Inside Top Norwegian Blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen’s Minimalist Diaper Bag & Scandinavian Style

Inside Top Norwegian Blogger’s Stylish Diaper Bag


Stunning Norwegian journalist and blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen has just released a peek insideher diaper bag and it is absolutely gorgeous to watch.  She discussed the bag she has on hand for her new daughter and items she considers ‘must-haves’ now that she will soon be a mother to two.  These include a stylish changing pad and cover, a diaper holder, diapers, two binkies, and a bag to keep the binkies in.



A Soon-to-be Mom of Two and a Designer


Caroline keeps all of her baby essentials neatly folded into one of her own designer handbags she created for brand Adax.  While the entire dialogue is in Norwegian and there are no subtitles offered, there is a new post on her blog – click here – which you can translate to English easily with Google translate.




35 Weeks Pregnant and Barely a Bump


Yes, in case you didn’t notice, Berg Eriksen is 35 weeks pregnant with her second child in this video.  Her loose, dramatically ruffled baby blue blouse conceals even the hint of the small bump she sports.  She is filming in her gorgeous sitting room, which reflects the bright, clean, Scandinavian minimalist style prevalent throughout her home.  


Caroline is Using a Handbag She Designed Herself


Also of note is the diaper bag itself – this piece one of her own design and I believe there are links to it throughout her blog, if it is still available.  Caroline’s foray into handbag design was a resounding success, as you can see from this enviable piece that she herself will be carrying around.  I find it has an aesthetic similar to many high-end hard body bags that are currently popular.

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She Outraged the Internet with her Stunning Postpartum Body


I first discovered Caroline and her  fashion and lifestyle blog from the firestorm that erupted when she  gave birth to her first daughter, and then posted a mirror shot of her now empty stomach to Instagram three days later.  She was wearing a bra and panties, and her lithe body was toned, taut, and boasted a very flat looking tummy.  People were shocked, and some were jealously outraged and loudly voiced their opinion that there was something unnatural or sinister about Berg Eriksen, her admirable health and fitness routine, and even her newborn child.  In reality, she is a fitness guru, fashion model, and notable personality in her native Norway, whose standards for health are above average and on full display.


Viking Barbie Meets Fitness Guru


After seeing the article and the photos, I naturally wanted to learn more about this perfect Viking Barbie with the body of a goddess… and was absolutely blown away to discover the quality of her content and of her character.  Everything about this life she has built for herself has been through hard work, cheerful optimism, and unfaltering motivation, and a view of the goals she wants for her life.  I started reading her blog from the beginning, so I’ve followed her story from a few  years before she married her husband, a famous soccer (football) player in Norway and someone with a reputation for being a bit of a heart throb.  


An Unforgettable Nordic Fairytale


It’s a riveting adventure, and although I haven’t read all the way through the story yet, I have skipped ahead enough to know the ending – they get married, go on to success, have one baby and now another, and continue to live happily ever after in their beautiful home in the stunning Scandinavian mountains.  I highly recommend adding her to your reading list, whether you need a new novel to read start to finish, or a new blog to soak in daily.

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A Journalist, Blogger, Model, Designer, but Mother First


Caroline herself was a model at times and still is, but mainly she trained as a journalist and worked for several publications, in addition to running the most popular and at times largest fashion and lifestyle blog in Norway.  After the international press she received from the furor surrounding her amazing rebound after childbirth, she gained many followers from other countries around the world, and who spoke languages other than Norwegian.  If this is you, a Google translate add-on can be quickly equipped in any browser to translate webpages instantly.  


The Glamorous Adventure Continues 


Caroline has appeared on her country’s Dancing with the Stars showcase as well as several other television programs, and even more recently Caroline launched her own YouTube channel.  Though she and her husband have produced a lot of video content in the past, the new YouTube channel only features a limited number of recent videos, including the one just published.  I hope they will upload the full spectrum of their past content, including their less produced but still charming older reels. Caroline really is lovely to watch and inspiring in every way, and her blog is one of my Top 5 Favorites.


What Do You Think?


Are you impressed by Caroline’s minimalist Scandinavian diaper bag, or do you prefer to carry a mountain of gear when you leave home?  Tell me your thoughts on the Norwegian blogger or what is in your own diaper bag, leave a comment below!

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