Beauty and the Beast 2017: Disney Magic Creates the Enchantment All Over Again in Just Released Movie Trailer!

Beauty and the Beast Comes to Life


The newest film from the Disney princess franchise to be brought to life is the upcoming Beauty and the Beast Starring Emma Watson as Belle. Rendered in live action using real actors and animation combined, the movie reveals it’s breathtaking splendor in a series of teasers and trailers released by Disney Studios to heighten excitement of the film’s March 17th release.


Six Previews to Watch


You can watch the entire playlist of trailers – six to date! – in the video player below. Once the first trailer ends, the next one will play automatically. You can even click the icon in the corner to expand the player to full screen, which we highly recommend as the visuals and cinematography are stunning.



If you can’t watch the video, you can always enjoy the gallery of the amazing still images and movie posters released so far for the Beauty & the Beast film.  The photography and graphic design of the movie are absolutely top notch, and will undoubtedly be award-winning.



Sparkling New Disney Merchandise to Match


This exciting series of trailers wasn’t the only thing that Disney has released in anticipation of the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast Movie. A range of pretty collectibles, jewelry, and fashion have been created to commemorate the film and celebrate the timeless magic that Belle and her Prince Charming created in all our hearts.


What Do You Think?


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What are your thoughts about the Disney trailers of the new Beauty & the Beast movie?  Are you excited to see the film, or disappointed by the way they’ve recreated it?  Tell us in the comments below!


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