Autumn Leaves Filtering the Light: Photo Gallery by Emme Chatterton

Light In Autumn Filtered Through Fall Leaves


Light in Autumn takes on a special quality.  It seems more earnest somehow, more precious perhaps because the shortening days and impending winter make daylight rarer in fall.  Whatever the reason, the effect is enchanting and hypnotic.  No matter how many autumns pass, I can’t resist the urge to pick up my camera and take off into the woods to photograph the same decadence of foliage year after year.



Autumn Colors Weave Hypnotic Enchantment


The colors never change, they only shift around from tree to tree.  Still, each season brings with it a different kind of magic, and a new breathless nostalgia that brings back memories long forgotten.  Each year the fall brings with it crisp air heavy with the promise of darkly exciting nights and crisp evenings breathing in autumn’s delicious perfume.








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