Author J.K. Rowling Injures Her Back for Love of Writing

Author J.K. Rowling Injures Her Back for Love of Writing

J.K. Rowling is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice when it comes to her work – that of her own health and comfort.  Last Thursday Rowling did just this when inspiration struck as she relaxed in the bath while trying to comfort her back, which has been a source of pain for the famed author.  Never one to miss a genius idea, Rowling sprang from the tub and proceeded to spend an hour lying on the floor pounding her new idea out on the laptop, typing away at the story in spite of her bad back.



The author of beloved fantasy series ‘Harry Potter‘ had been suffering a bout of writers block and also a severe bout of muscular pain in her back.  She gave up on writing and decided to relax in a hot bath to ease the pain.  As it does, however, inspiration struck at the most inopportune time… just as Rowling had finally sat down and began to feel relief from the pain.


The 51-year-old author gave the following admonition, “Pro tip: an hour spent typing while sitting on the bathroom floor will not help your bad back. Rather the reverse … I started work early, back hurt, thought I’d have a bath, had idea in bath, got out of bath and started typing, stayed on floor for an hour.”


Many of Rowling’s 9 million Twitter followers mentioned Pilates as a good fitness tool to strengthen her core, in addition to other health and fitness suggestions.  Some gave detailed advice on workout routines that involve heavy lifting, others advocated a vegan lifestyle, and some followers recommended that the author take up pole-dancing for its health benefits.  Rowling’s husband Neil Murray is a doctor, and has apparently been serving the writer with similar advice on the necessity of exercise and healthy eating.

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Rowling was playfully distrustful of social media’s advice, replying to one suggestion of Pilates exercises with: “My husband appears to have set up an account in the name of Megan in a last ditch attempt to make me take his advice.”  For the sake of Rowling, her marriage, and most importantly her back, we hope that she will engage in a program of healthful fitness and go on to write many more books pain-free.



Fitness and health experts suggested that J.K. Rowling and others experiencing back trouble seek out the advice of a chiropractic specialist or a physical therapist, as both specialize in this form of injury and pain.  For at home relief, gentle Yin Yoga is accessible for almost anyone and can provide immense relief for back pain and other muscular problems.



As to the future of Rowling’s work, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,’ the continuation of the Harry Potter franchise, has just been brought to life on film.  Rowling penned the script for Eddie Redmayne, Colin Farrell and Ezra Miller to bring more magic and adventure to the silver screen.  The work follows the releases of the screenplay of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, another acclaimed work in the series.


Hopefully the beloved author will be able to enjoy the spoils of her efforts with a little relief from her back pain, and will soon reveal the mysterious project she has sacrificed so much to work on!


Do you find Rowling’s commitment to work admirable or too extreme?  Comment below with what you would suggest the author do about her back pain!

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