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Sponsors & Affiliates

Sponsors and Affiliates of Paper Duchesses




Paper Duchesses is a Journal of Lifestyle and Fiction with a discerning readership of intelligent, fashionable, and philanthropic individuals.  In keeping with our mission to help improve the lives of our subscribers, we accept sponsors, participate in affiliate programs, share links to products and services on commission, serve paid and unpaid advertisements, and accept other forms of donation, support, and sponsorship from brands, individuals, and businesses that assist us in funding our projects, promoting our brand, and furthering our mission, which you can read about in our Mission Statement.


Sponsored or paid posts known as ‘advertorials’ are marked clearly with the sponsor so readers can quickly and easily access products, find out more information, and weight the value of a service or product.  Shopping Guides, Gift Guides, Style Guides, Fashion Picks, Product Highlights and more featured post categories often contain affiliate program links to products.  Special discounts and partner deals are sometimes offered by our affiliates to our readers to incentivize them to try their products or programs.  Paper Duchesses may make a small commission on sales of any of these items, or be paid per click or user action.  At no time will our sponsors or affiliate programs negatively affect our readers, incur them additional cost, impinge upon their rights or privacy, or raise the prices of products and services highlighted.


Paid sponsors and affiliate program sales directly fund Paper Duchesses as we do not charge for subscriptions or syndication fees.  Your support helps us continue to produce the high-quality content you appreciate and continue to expand our offerings, programs, and organization.  Shopping through our carefully curated links and product suggestions is a seamless yet critical means of supporting Paper Duchesses Journal and our mission.



Amazon.com Affiliate Statement


Paper Duchesses is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. We carefully and thoughtfully select products and services that will interest our discerning readership.


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