Paper Duchesses Journal Mission Statement

Paper Duchesses Journal Mission Statement

Paper Duchesses Mission Statement



“We are All born Kings… You are All Duchesses on Paper”



Paper Duchesses Journal is a magazine about lifestyle, fashion, and fiction which focuses on social influencers and how they navigate the new media landscape to lead successful, happy lives that inspire others.  New Media has changed the landscape of traditional publishing, and blurred the lines between fantasy and reality.  Paper Duchesses strives to examine this juxtaposition of the brand versus the human, of living a dream life versus projecting aspirational images while suffering personally, and how to cure the difference.  



Every human person is born equal in rights and dignity, and deserves an equal share in the prosperity, advancement and beauty of all society.  Every action we take reflects this basic, unalienable, and fundamental value – that each of us is worthy and deserving of living the lifestyle that we dream of.  Our articles and guides strive to bolster this spirit of inspiration and a foster society of equals working together for a world approaching our ideals.



Contributors to Paper Duchesses include published authors, successful bloggers, artists, entrepreneurs, academics, professionals and even people who have never written publicly.  All are striving to share their thoughts and opinions on how to lead a beautiful, fulfilling life while helping others do the same.  We publish original content pieces created for our periodical as well as republish and syndicate interesting posts that are already published elsewhere.  



Visit our About Page for more information on the Paper Duchesses organization and our resources.