A Wistful Stare Across the Sea

A Wistful Stare Across the Sea

A Beautiful Moment by the Sea


Came across this beautiful moment of dusk and ocean on Instagram…



A photo posted by Barbara Egholm (@barbaraegholm) on


Memories of Cyprus Seaside Sunsets


It reminded me of sitting beside the sea in Cyprus, watching the perfect sunset and enjoying absolute paradise on earth. Long nights stretched out seemingly forever, heavy with the promise of eternal youth and ever more carefree days looming just beyond the dusky horizon.


Still, there is something lonely in a sunset, especially when you are watching alone.  Memory can dull a bittersweet moment though, and leave behind only a wistfully beautiful image and nostalgic reverie.


What Do You Think?


Does sitting beside the sea hold special memories for you?  Can you remember sunsets that were sad and sweet, or special in some way?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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